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our area at this hour making its way down to the south of interstate 83. it's moving fairly rapidly at about 23 miles per hour southwest towards cockeysville. also a strong sell over near frederick county and this one could gradually make its way into western howard and southern carroll county. the main threat is between now and 6:00 and to gradually move off to the eastern shore between 7:00 and 8:00. we will be out with an update in a few minutes. >> we continue coverage of the terrific mass shooting in aurora, colorado, and the aftermath. a group of democratic lawmakers is taking aim at the high capacity ammunition clips used in assault rifles. sally kidd joins us live with more on that story. good evening. >> several democratic members of
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congress say it's time to reignite this debate. others say this is not the issue for an election year. they say the assault rifle used in the colorado movie massacre hold 100 bullets and is capable of firing up to 60 rounds per minute. >> this is meant to kill as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. >> they say lacks a gun laws made it too easy for the suspected shooter to acquire a deadly arsenal. they want to ban the sale of height capacity ammunition like those used in this weapon. >> we need to ban this once and for all, been the availability to ordinary citizens. >> this would prohibit the sale of magazines holding more than 10 rounds. >> we do not have to have
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citizens armed to make way to kill innocent people. >> i think it's a knee-jerk reaction to what happened. >> what if you would of run them over with cars? would we be asking for more car control? >> why would someone need a semi-automatic weapon like this one? they're used for target shooting or self-defense. >> i have heard of women using this in a home to send people fleeing out of the house. >> this is a debate that little is likely to change. >> house and senate leaders of both parties say the shooting cannot be politicized so do not see any legislation on the floor anytime soon. live in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a federal judge's decision on monday means in two weeks maryland residents will be able
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to own and carry handguns beyond the home without having to show a good and substantial reason. he has lifted the stay on his ruling that a portion of the gun laws unconstitutional. claiming they have not established that the public interest is in favor of the state. the attorney general's already planning to appeal. >> friends and family are starting to come to the news that he may not be coming not from afghanistan. they confirmed that the staff sergeant was killed during an insurgent attack. he was 31 years old. he graduated from high school in 1999 and he will be awarded the bronze star medal and the purple heart among other honors. no word now want funeral arrangements. one year after a triple murder, the case remains unsolved, but tonight renewed effort to track down a killer and arsonist.
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rob roblin is live in northeast baltimore where loved ones want answers tonight. >> family members and police are still looking for a lot of answers in this are some homicide that happened here at this home almost one year ago. police burst of the fire here killed the three people who were found inside. they had been shot in the head. the homicide-arson happened back in 2011. >> one year later, the case remains unsolved. members of the family are asking people in the community to help in solving this case. detectives have exhausted every shred of evidence, and basically come up with no results. we asked for the public's help, anyone with information to give
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us a call. >> family members of the victims were in the neighborhood asking anyone who knows anything about the crime to come forward. >> if anyone has any information, please give us a call. we have been going through this for almost one year. >> we are really struggling to deal with the pain and hurt. i don't care who you are. just say something. >> police were in the neighborhood handing out fliers trying to get any information about the crime. >> we're pretty much back to square one. we had ever mentioned that we thought was legitimate. we are again back at square one, so any evidence, any information, please bring it forward. >> family members tell me today
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they are unhappy with some of the police work done in the case. we have more on that coming up at 6:00. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police want to know who shot a man in the head last night killing him at the scene. 11 news is working to learn more about what happened on mickey avenue about 10:30 last night. the only thing we know is the victim's name, brandon. they have no leads i possible suspects or motive, so anyone with information should call baltimore city police. >> lawmakers joining the effort calling upon lawmakers to raise the federal minimum wage in hopes of making a around $10 an hour and by 2014. lowell melser was at city hall wary rally was held and joins us with the latest. >> right now, the federal
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minimum wage is $7.25 which comes out to $15,000 per year. earlier today, baltimore lawmakers were pledging and calling out for raising the rate. >> ladies and gentlemen, we're here today to demand that congress pass the rebuild america act which would raise the federal minimum wage for nearly 30 million american workers. >> tuesday, baltimore city council president flanked by other leaders including the mayor calling out on washington to raise the federal minimum wage. it was part of a national effort to urge lawmakers to approve the proposed rebuild america act which would give a pay raise to people like bruce who lost his $13 per hour job and now works for minimum-wage in telemarketing. >> i went the weekend have without just a my kids could have something to read.
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i could not afford the essentials for kids when they went back to school. it's a struggle. >> the minimum wage portion of the bill is based on the minimum wage proposal which would raise the federal minimum wage by 85 cents per year for three years capping at about $10 in 2014. in 2015, it would adjust to keep pace with the rising cost of living and would raise it for cimbri employees. it deals with health baltimore is struggling residents and other cities to rebuild economically. >> you need to go to social services to be able to afford food. you need to go to clothing drives to afford clothing. it should not be that way. everyone should be able to live. >> baltimore lawmakers hope the bill is introduced to congress before the august break.
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coming up, what do small- business is think about a federal minimum wage hike? we hear what i have to say. live outside city hall, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, we revealed the problem baltimore city police are having getting residents to qualify for the police force. what is standing in the way? jayne miller joins us live from the newsroom more. >> it for physical fitness and questions about drug use has been especially hard for the urban youth to avoid. in a city starved for jobs, the police department is a great spot. its hiring. 40 new officers just graduated last friday, but most were from out of town. fewer than 20% from the city.
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>> it has been tough recruiting. >> the deputy major, the personnel director, says one reason they watch out is the physical agility test. >> a lot of the young people are not physically in shape. they sit around and play video games with a sedentary lifestyle. then they come to take the agility test and they're not prepared to meet the standards that we have. >> another hurdle, a requirement by the training commission that police officers cannot have used marijuana within the past three years. >> it becomes a barrier in the hiring process to bring people in. they may have changed their lives, but it is one of those things where the indiscretion of youth will keep you from moving on in this process as a police officer with the city. >> they're trying to agree -- improve their ability to get candidates from their own backyard. >> we want people who live here,
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understand here, now the city. we want people from the neighborhoods and understand the problems that are going on in the many neighborhoods. >> in february, we spotted a group of new recruits waiting outside court to be sworn in, all from out of town. two from new jersey and one from the west coast. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a woman is recovering following a late morning collision with a freight train. >> police say some nearby roadwork may have played a role in the outcome. >> they say it's really cool. >> her parents are teaching very second language. they're having a lot of success. see what they're wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
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after allegra, she's back catching fireflies. effective, long-lasting, non-drowsy relief. after children's allegra, kids have it all. >> police are trying to figure out what caused a late morning collision between a freight train and an suv. this is the aftermath as crews worked to rescue the woman behind the wheel which had been dragged some thick the arts. firefighters say when they arrived on the scene, the car was on its side next to the lead train and the woman was caught inside. the construction crew have been
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working at the scene and traffic was down to one line which may have caused confusion. the woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition but is expected to survive. new details tonight on a story we brought you yesterday. police say they now have three suspects in custody in connection with an early evening stemming in north baltimore. men had been talking outside the 711 when one stabbed the victim in the chest when the victim took off a darting into the road only to get stuck by oncoming traffic. we were over the scene as it was shut down for the investigation. the victim was listed in critical but stable condition. >> new york city health officials held public hearings today on the mayor's proposed ban on large sized soft drinks.
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they have endorsed the plan to prevent sales of sugary drinks over 16 ounces. it's an effort to fight obesity, at a problem they says costs taxpayers $4 billion per year, but they call the measure misguided and unfair limit on consumer choice. four out of 10 of the tiniest citizens surprising showing 37% of pregnancies are unintended. about one-quarter of women married had an unintended pregnancy. but two-thirds of women not living with the father. women with a college degree were less likely than those with less than a high-school diploma. unplanned president -- pregnancies pose a real risks. they're less likely to receive prenatal care and, more likely to smoke, and refused to breast feed. women should seek the ob/gyn each year even when tests are no
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longer recommended according to new guidelines out from the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists. it advises women over 21 to have an annual pelvic exam as well as a breast exam, blood pressure, weight check, and a screening for s t d's. most women only need one every three years, especially if they have no symptoms of cervical cancer. >> 9/11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> is strong thunderstorm in the middle of baltimore county moving south and east toward cockeysville land down towards the reservoir. this is right along interstate 83 and could produce some large damaging hail and perhaps some gusting wind over 60 miles per hour. heavy downpour also some dangerous lightning. you can see the core of the storm center just to the is the of 83. it is tracking over the last
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hour or so coming down and pretty much tracking down, so gusting thunderstorm with damaging winds. there are a few other storm cells to watch. one in frederick county now drifting south getting down into montgomery and howard county. it is moving in the area of montgomery county at this hour. conditions will be favorable for another hour or two. the pink shaded area indicates the severe thunderstorm watch. in this area, things are primed for big storms to pop up. for the 95 corridor, by about 6:00, the threat should be over. closer to 7:00 or 8:00 for those of you on the eastern shore. this is beating the hot, humid air in place. the cooler temperatures drop to the readings into the 70's of to
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the south and west. the badgers are still up in the 90's in the measure of moisture in the year running below 70. that is a very muddy atmosphere. by 8:00, things are quieting down nicely in central and eastern maryland. only a few number hours before the storms to be possible. these are being kicked up by a cold front. once it goes by, this will ship to the northwest and cooler more humid air will come in. the high pressure moves baez and it should feel very nice tomorrow. this bubble of comfortable air will sweep through and he we see in the middle of the country. this will surge right back in our direction thursday and friday. get outside and enjoy tomorrow. cooler, less humid. the son up at 6:01 p.m. wind will be variable and
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gradually shift. waves only 1 foot or less. bay water temperature in the low 80's. this will be at 11:37. up in the mountains, storms moving through early but it will clear out. 77, warm and muggy air surging back in the mountains. a high of about 83. eastern shore, temperatures will vary from a comfortable 88 to almost 100 on thursday. down on the coast, some plastic summer weather and windstorms rolling through tonight clearing out and then back in the heat ocean city on thursday. a parade epoxy but less humid. a nicer day tomorrow near 100. only minimal risk of a thunderstorm. hot and humid with thunderstorms likely. scattered showers and then a nice finish for the weekend, partially cloudy with a high of 87. >> the deal that the stadium will look drastically different
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in the next week or so. >> he will not be seeing the ravens logo even though they're playing football. we explain why. >> find out what maryland is doing to protect and athletes from confe
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>> [helps is preparing to take on a new role, the principal at new windsor middle school since it opened seven years ago. phelps is ticking on a new role with the baltimore indication down addition raising money for school education programs. >> not a moment too soon. this comes as emergency regulations are hounded -- handed down today by the
5:25 pm
maryland state board of vindication. -- education. >> when than 60,000 high-school and college athletes per year received concussions from playing contact sports. some of them have got more than one. they're moving to put more teeth in the current policy to help protect athletes. >> i want to be clear. the second can be additive but either one can be devastating. you need to respect the material. >> the regulations taking a back driveway requires more training for coaches in the area of brain injuries and put in place criteria of when athletes are allowed to return to the sport after a concussion.
5:26 pm
the regulation requires school systems to do more to educate parents on the nature and risk of brain injuries. this parents helped convince the state board to sign off on these changes. >> when they finally understand what's in the regulations, they will be quite pleased. it requires a parent to be trained about concussions. the practice is that parents do not receive anything but an information sheet. >> the secondary school athletic association says the rules would go into effect right away. >> they're learning more about it than we ever know. our knowledge now is certainly greater than it was 5 for 10 years ago. >> they have discarded a task force to have more information by the end of the year. school systems can begin training coaches and staff even now and must be completed by the
5:27 pm
end of august. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. what time to talk football. three weeks away from the first ravens pregame. >> day one of training camp. we have a live report from sandusky straight ahead. >> you have to understand that in order to communicate, they have to use a second language. >> doing a second language can open a lot of doors for kids. teaching members -- ♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays
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>> live, local, late breaking. stan stovall, donna hamilton. your insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. what is right now, strong storms are now a strong possibility across the greater baltimore area. the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for some and baltimore county, baltimore city, and northern anne arundel county. tom tasselmyer and 11 news have been monitoring the warnings which has now been upgraded from a watch to a warning. >> let's go straight to tom tasselmyer tracking it all. >> warnings in frederick, pa., and parts of the region associated with the watch in effect. these warnings pop up for
5:30 pm
specific storms that develop. this one here drifting south and east. like the other storms in our area, it could produce winds gusting up for the 60 miles per hour. this is just east of cockeysville making its way down across and should pass through perry hall in the next 59 and 20 minutes or so moving from northwest to southeast along the beltway. it looks like it will track along the bay and head towards kent county. here's the motion over the past hour coming out of northern baltimore county through lock haven and moving its way toward perry hall. the potential is for hail damage and wind. another warning in effect for montgomery county with the same scenario. the possibility of damaging winds and hail. stay with us through the out the afternoon. >> it is ravens time. the quest for the lombardi trophy begins in earnest today
5:31 pm
as the ravens players start to report for training camp. they will be trying to push the veterans and several roster spots are up for grabs. we're there for all of the action. gerry sandusky is live at owings mills with all the highlights. >> the evening to you. a little bit of luck at the start of training camp today. they came out on the field at about 4:00. cloud cover and turned it into a pleasant conditions for the start of training camp. it should be pre-training camp because there were only 37 players on the field under the eye of john harbaugh today. joe flacco, rick dees, and any player suffering a season-ending injury or medical procedure had to be there today. by my count 37 there today. joe flacco the biggest names. terry williams and also there today, on big names arriving
5:32 pm
tomorrow and the veterans reporting to the underarm or performance center. thursday, the first team practice for the first time in 2012. the season opener will be against the cincinnati bengals. the fun began on a warm day, hot sun, but not terrible conditions. the pace will pick up for ravens fans. the first practice open to the public will be free to the public and you can take a look at the 2012 ravens. we will hear from john harbaugh coming up tonight at 6:00. gerry sandusky, wbal-tv 11 news. >> for now, the stadium has been taken over by a different kind of football. they are hard at work laying sod over the ravens turf in preparation for this weekend's big english soccer match taken
5:33 pm
place. the liverpool football club will be taking on in the barclays premier soccer league. they have had real grass shipped in from new jersey for the event. it will not last long. >> it will take us three days to put this all in. we will finish tomorrow morning and then we will get it going for the soccer game. the game is on saturday and it will all be out of here by monday morning 6:00. >> the game is this saturday afternoon, 1:00. tickets start at $36. >> one former maryland gov. and his generous legacy gift. >> i think people are tired of this. >> a dedicated public servant continuing to impact the city more than one year after his death.
5:34 pm
>> $1.40 million to the baltimore community foundation for the william donald schaefer civic fund. [applause] >> former governor schaefer's estate donated $1.40 million to the civic fund for the baltimore community foundation on tuesday. it was established by the late governor in 2008 and provides grants to carry on beautification projects brown baltimore city and county. >> the money will help people make changes. >> the former governor who served as the baltimore mayor and state comptroller was not only known for his feisty disposition but his devotion to baltimore neighborhoods. the $1.40 million will mean $63,000 more every year in grants to neighborhoods.
5:35 pm
>> it's finally happening. >> his longtime friend and aide was on hand for the special event. in addition to the monetary gift, the baltimore community foundation also announced the award for the neighborhood grants program supported by number of bonds. it is more than $130,000 and were awarded to 28 community improvement projects in baltimore city and county. seeing his legacy, especially those in his inner circle, now carry the torch. >> they believe the political giant is watching from above. >> the perfect place for his money to go to. he is looking down on us right now. he is saying, "good job." >> so far, they have donated
5:36 pm
$1.80 million to programs, a significant portion of his estate. wbal-tv 11 news. >> what a nice gesture. >> absolutely. >> look for they had off for the fourth and possible olympics games, they sit down for high tea with lisa robinson and i was able to tag along. what they had to say coming out. >> first, an early-morning blast leveling a two-story home in rural new york. what spike to the deadly explosion?
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
, and looking at what used to be a liability for anne arundel county. this former landfill has become an important community asset. the guest to energy facility project is finally complete. the idea was investing gas collecting and converted into fuel producing electricity.
5:40 pm
they will now be exporting it and selling it back to the power grid to make money for the county. there's enough power to generate for 2000 homes. it cost $2.70 million. >> covering the nation tonight, a house explosion leaving four people injured and a teenage girl dead. after 6:00, rescue workers were called to the home north of buffalo. four family members were found in the front yard. a 14-year-old girl was found dead. the home was completely leveled by the explosion. >> the summer olympics are just days away. they will deploy an extra 1200 troops after a contractor
5:41 pm
announced they would not be able to provide the number of guards they promised. they stand to lose $77 million after failing to recruit enough security. >> if you shop online, get ready to pay tax. >> they are saying they should pay taxes that they are on an even playing field for brick and mortar businesses. >> it is all around and english and spanish. as we become more of a bilingual society, more kids are learning to speak spanish at a underage. we introduce you to one family doing it effectively. >> severe thunderstorms moving >> severe thunderstorms moving to parts of maryland
5:42 pm
low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
5:43 pm
>> authorities in colorado continue to invest the the mass shootings and more stories of heroism began to surface. the victim's family tried to renew the efforts in the search for a killer. more on the 1-year-old
5:44 pm
>> signs and messages in both english and spanish is happening more at home. families are making the choice to teach a second language. how do you do it effectively? introducing a to 1 harford county family having good success. >> they are your typical family
5:45 pm
of four. russell and the kids return from swim practice as they get ready for the annual trip to costa rica, a chance to reconnect with the mother's side of the family. lending -- blending of their routes has been important. they had to make a commitment to speak both languages. >> it was my husband was going to speak just english and i was going to speak just spanish. tore required of me was learn. >> it meant a complete mind shift. >> they have to understand that in order to communicate with you, they have to use the second language. >> professor of education and an author of a book on bilingualism refers to this as the one
5:46 pm
parent, one language approach. is there such a thing as too early? >> they are not able to put together a coherent sentences. it does not mean they're not processing language input. >> he said there want to go to school and play. it is an extension of what they do in the household, making learning fun. >> dave save the not stop at nothing would -- english and spanish. they are now learning mandarin as well. how about hello? >> nihao.
5:47 pm
>> taking on the job of teacher and student, learning it along with them. >> how do you say, "he likes pairears?" a team effort they say anyone can achieve. all it takes a they desire and a commitment. >> that's pretty impressive. if you do not speak a second language, they suggest creating opportunities for your kids to interact with speakers of the second language including hiring a bilingual babysitter, bilingual and nursery school replace school. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> thunderstorms are weakening as the storm to produce the warning in baltimore looks like it is weakening considerably. picking up some rain in those
5:48 pm
areas just to the south and tapering off a bid. as you exit cecil county moving into northern delaware, this has been around forever and it is kicking up these storms. not everybody is getting the conditions. getting most states dealing with a watch, but they will start cancelling this. this is the leading edge and it's not much of a threat to the north and west. on the coast, a few more hours
5:49 pm
to deal wtith it. nothing measureable at the inner harbor. record heat at 201, 101 degrees. 88 cambridge, 99 salsbury. thunderstorms may survive down to the eastern shore. across some of new england. it will slide in here. we shift to rth northwest. 70 downtown. sundet at 8:26. out ahead is where it's forming. tomorrow, more high pressure that won't last more than a day. ehat surges and tripe digits in
5:50 pm
kansas city. we may get clse to 20100 on thursday. cooler, less humid, 84-89 degrees. winds light and variable, high tide at 11:37 at ft. mchenry. beautiful tomorrow. warmer air returning thursday and friday. 80's tomorrow, almost 100 thursday, steamy friday. ocean city, 84 tomorrow. 8994 thursday. lower humidity. going up to 40% chance of storms friday. a few showers south of town saturday. partialyl cloudy to finish the
5:51 pm
weekend. like the days a tax-free shopping online could soon become a thing of the past. it's a look at what this means for consumers. >> proponents estimate more than $27 billion goes uncollected each year and they think it's time to pay up. >> congress has a warning. >> taxing sales on the internet may be coming to a head. >> the measure is sponsored by arkansas congressman steve womack. >> i don't understand what some fair. is lawfully due.
5:52 pm
>> it would help level the field. the effort is gaining momentum saying his state and others are losing out. >> working to providemore. >> they would create a new tax on businesses. >> some weren't ready to buy in. >> you don't haev to pay taxes, so it'll have an impact. >> most goods are taxed anyway. maybe it's only a matter of time, unfortunately. >> how long until it will be considered in the senate? nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news.
5:53 pm
>> sports apparel maker and maryland-based on their armor, they are reporting a huge gain in second quarter earnings. it the company's net revenue increased 27% to $63 million. as for investors, it means they are making 6 cents more per share. they say some new ideas include a studio line, armour bra, and cold black gear. >> women's wear. teens are backsee inside, but now amazing stories of heroism are emerging. first, 3 olympics down; one to go.
5:54 pm
before the feld family takes off for london, they sit down
5:55 pm
[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh.
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>> there energy is a given and almost contagious. >> getting ready to make the trip to london which could be his final games. what way to send them off than with some english high tea.
5:57 pm
quite some at the four seasons at high tea with hillary phelps. come in and tell me all about it. >> thanks for inviting me. >> are really excited. we're leaving for london at the end of the week. trying to bring a little bit of england it to baltimore. >> are you a tea drinker? >> and a coffee drinker. but the pastry chef here is incredible. he has 16 medals total. three more he would be the winning s columbia of all time. thehappy we've -- winningest olympia all time. i'm so happy. >> i will come see you on a regular basis.
5:58 pm
>> we cannot wait. can you do me a favor? this is official napkin from the royal wedding, could you get them to sign it for us? >> the royals are coming disease swimming. held fully they will put them next to us that swimming. we are the swimming orioles. hopefully i can. >> just in case. >> there is only one queen. >> yes. ,> just because i'm doing bad donna hamilton is crashing my party. >> i invited her. >> you invited her? >> let's have a quick toast.
5:59 pm
>> the four seasons really knows how to do it right. you can see a live interview with hillary tomorrow morning. 18 gold medals and will sit down with the today show preparing for what could be his final olympics right here on wbal-tv 11 tv. we're your place for the olympic games. gerry sandusky and i will be tracking the big news of the day from across the pond every day to get you into the ozone. >> that's it for at 5:00. here is what is coming up next at 6:00. >> we have these stories in the wake of the tragedy coming up next. >> still looking for answers in a triple murder that happened almost one year ago. the live report coming up. >> raising the federal minimum wage. i'm all meltzer. 11 news at 6:00 starts now. 11 news at 6:00 starts now.

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